United Progressives of New Hampshire


Become a Partner


It's not about one issue so it can't be about one group, our "all hands on deck" approach means we are united with one direction for NH, but we know it's going to take groups and organizations from all corners of the state, a new generation of leaders and the grassroots movement to achieve it!

Sustainability is key; by creating an ecosystem of grassroots organizations in New Hampshire we can provide information, collaboration resources, new talent and unique events that will empower your organization. There are countless individuals that would like to see us fizzle out and UPNH was formed to make sure that doesn't happen.

We don't discriminate; working with all groups that share our progressive agenda on a variety of issues, this includes partisan, non-partisan and bi-partisan organizations. We all have that one issue that fuels us to take action, we help you maximize that energy not cloud over it with national politics or individual group initiatives.

What does it mean to be an UPNH Partner?

  • Get your group's name & logo published on our website and promotional material.
  • Access to resources for leadership and staff training. 
  • Get new volunteers directed to your group from UPNH.
  • Assistance with promoting and planning of your events.
  • Avoid event conflict with our statewide event calendar and partner coordination. 
  • Get tips and tricks from other groups during our partner only events.
  • Stay informed on critical issues from all focus areas with bi-weekly information sessions.
  • Get your Call to Action initiatives highlighted in communication with our volunteer base.

We're in this together, but we have a few bridges to build. UPNH is not only working to unite the groups in NH, but we are finding creative ways to bridge the gap between generations of progressive voters. We understand the dynamics and demographics of residents across the state and we leverage that knowledge to host events that speak to all progressives, not just the ones that follow the red tape. 

There's strength in numbers, but a shortage of volunteers. We can help with that. Whether it's calling our senators or bodies to protest at your event, as a partner of UPNH, qualified volunteers will be connected to you based on focus areas, location and abilities. We take pride in matching the right people to your initiative or organization. We've found that when a great connection is made volunteers dedicate more time and stay engaged longer.